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Ghyllmount Dental Practice

Ghyllmount Dental Practice

​The main ethos of the Practice is to deliver a quality assured dental service, which is comprehensive, customer focused and most crucially, avoids the need for local people to travel long distances for treatment.


​From the first day of relocation to the present premises in 2009, the practice has approached delivery of the service by making the practice premises look and feel differently from the traditional model. Using the 5 senses to turn round the usual stereotype, you are immediately struck by the sense of fresh air and the pleasant aroma of cut flowers as you approach the reception desk and immediately recognize its quite different from the usual whiff of anesthetic or other antiseptic treatments. After that your perceptions are further changed by the décor of the place which is more like a hotel than a place for medical treatment. All the 5 senses are treated to a different experience and together it all adds to having a more pleasant visit.

The practice is confident that they can offer a great service. One key offer which has led to a very high conversion rate of new clients is ‘try before you buy’ . Every Tuesday between 8:45am and 12.00pm prospective clients can see John Lewis (the owner of the practice) for a free Full Examination and get a suggested treatment plan. There is no hard sell - just a follow up phone call to discuss the suggested plan.


John sees his main challenges as those around meeting the ever changing demands of new legislation and the requirements of the Care Quality Commission. Some of these are technical matters but they still require attention which takes John away from what he likes doing best - dealing with patients.


One way of helping himself and those who support him is to organize regular training days for him and his staff. John invites other professionals locally to join him on these occasions which have been very attractive to his colleagues. By this method John is able to get the critical mass to deliver effective quality training to meet the needs of his practice whilst at the same time meet the continual professional development standards for him and his colleagues - all delivered on the doorstep!

The Future

John is looking to continually develop the services he offers to reflect the changing needs of the people of Penrith and Eden. He is also keen to increase the focus on prevention led dentistry for improving health outcomes.

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We want to see a strong private health sector in Eden get stronger to meet ever increasing demands from our customers. John Lewis, Owner of Ghyllmount Dental Practice
John Lewis

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