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Dealing With Under-Performing Staff

Staff are a business' biggest asset and the biggest headache. Getting them to perform effectively and knowing what to do when, inevitably, someone does not perform to the required standard is the essence of successful staff management. - See more at: 

Join Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and Michael Bauer of Cumbria Employment Solicitors, at Newton Rigg Conference Centre, Penrith on 25th May from 10am to 4pm for this practical workshop providing down to earth and practical guidance on dealing effectively with staff who are not performing.

If you are responsible for managing people and at times find them frustrating, baffling and difficult but want to get the best out them then you should attend to find out how to:

  • Minimise the chance of under-performance from happening in the first place;
  • Address under-performance effectively, legally and with the best chance of success;
  • Increase the efficiency, flexibility and overall engagement of the workforce.

Aimed at anyone who manages staff including business owners, managers, supervisors and HR teams, this training will not focus on the usual scare stories that are intended to make you more reliant on lawyers. Instead, the training will seek to dispel the myth that employment law is stacked in favour of the employee (genuinely, it is not) and will give you the confidence and skills to handle most issues of poor-performance yourself.

In essence, the training is about helping you to get the best out of staff with the minimum of risk, hassle and cost.

The day will include:

  • Explaining how employment law operates in relation to poor-performance and showing you that the approach Employment Tribunals take to cases about poor performance means that you can be in the driving seat when addressing such problems;
  • Giving practical tips on how to prevent poor performance in the first place and how to avoid making things more difficult to manage if a problem arises;
  • Practical guidance on what steps legally you should take in addressing persistent poor performance (including dealing with disability and dismissing staff) so as to reduce the chance of a claim;
  • Looking at alternative solutions such as mediation and the sensible use of "off the record" discussions and settlement agreements;
  • Exploring some case studies setting out "real life" common problems and how to address them.


Michael Bauer is an 18 year qualified employment solicitor who after working in London and Manchester has for the last 8 years run Cumbria Employment Solicitors.

Cumbria Employment Solicitors is a specialist law firm dealing with all aspects of employment law. Michael works for employees and employers (including many well-known local businesses) and has a very wide range of experience in all aspects of employment law.

Michael also sits on the boards of a number of local businesses and charities.


Michael holds and has held a number of high-level positions related to employment law including being the Senior Employment Law Peer Reviewer nationally for the Legal Aid Agency.

He has delivered training locally and nationally on a wide range of employment law topics. He tries (and judging from the feedback he receives, succeeds) in making the employment law training he delivers interesting, practical and lively.

For information and to book visit https://goo.gl/wcLIsD