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Effective Presentation Skills: Finding Your Voice and Using It with Confidence

Public speaking and delivering presentations are hard to avoid in 21st Century business but very few of us are natural born divas clamouring to stand up and perform. For most of us, the very idea of that sales pitch, business presentation, team briefing or staff training stirs up feelings of fear, anxiety and self-doubt.

Join Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and Deborah Clark of Get Real Leadership, 23rd January , 9:30 to 16:30, at Newton Rigg Conference Centre, Penrith to discover how to face those natural fears and learning basic skills to be able to publicly communicate with confidence brings such valuable benefits: successful sales pitches; your ideas being understood and embraced; teams understanding their roles and responsibilities and being motivated to perform.

Deborah Clark of Get Real Leadership, draws on over 25 years’ experience of developing her own skills as a trainer, facilitator and public speaker (and who clearly remembers her own first, painful attempts) and she has also created teams of highly-skilled effective trainers.

Join her for a workshop designed to be insightful, fun and liberating.

The delegates will learn;

  • How to gauge your audience
  • The key stages of a presentation
  • How to identify and structure key messages
  • The dos and don’ts of using visual aids
  • Top tips for grabbing and holding an audience’s attention
  • How to present with conviction
  • Techniques to help overcome the nerves and build self-confidence

The workshop is designed to be engaging and enjoyable as well as being packed with practical hints, tips and learning. The day will include an opportunity for each delegate to practice their skills in a safe, non-threatening environment and to receive invaluable feedback which will help them to find their voice and use it with confidence.

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