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Finance, Business & Profitability Workshop

A course designed to give an overview of finance, business and profitability and key terminology with the following learning outcomes:

Being able to evaluate the financial performance of a business is crucial to the role of the manager. This unit introduces candidates to the financial accounting systems used to measure economic activity and the basic forms in which financial statistics are conventionally presented, as well as techniques for their analysis and interpretation. 

Candidates will develop the skills needed to monitor costs, make predictions, evaluate the process of effective control of resource allocation, including shortfalls, and prepare financial cases for development projects.

Candidates will explore how accounting is used within organisations to plan, control and evaluate activity, with a focus on the use of forecasting in setting realistic financial targets. The unit will introduce Candidates to the role of accounting in making management decisions, demonstrating that financial management goes beyond traditional bookkeeping and accounting.

The workshop consists of four Learning outcomes:

  • Understand financial reporting systems and processes
  • Understand the use of capital and revenue budgets in a hospitality operation
  • Understand how to manage cash flow
  • Understand how to prepare financial cases for development projects

To register our interest for a  free place please email the name of your business and business address to Catherynn Dunstan at catherynn@cumbriachamber.co.uk