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The Effective Trainer

We all know that the delivery of organisational results and objectives relies on having a well-trained, highly-skilled workforce. The engagement and ability of the team is what drives success and growth.

For many organisations and businesses, the use of external training providers is neither appropriate nor cost-efficient and the responsibility for training falls to Senior and Middle Managers, HR or subject matter experts. But who has trained the trainer?

Drawing on 30 years’ experience as a trainer and training manager, Deborah Clark, of Get Real Leadership, is delivering 2 sessions designed to help people who have taken on training roles or responsibilities, who know their subject matter but are not sure how to effectively pass that knowledge to others. Join Deborah and Cumbria Chamber of Commerce at Newton Rigg Conference Centre, Penrith 12th/19th June, 9:30 to 4:30 and equip your trainers to make their sessions awesome and deliver the return on investment that you need to see from your training budget.

To gain the maximum benefit from the sessions, delegates are required to attend both dates.

Day 1 Designing and delivering effective training sessions – 12th June

The purpose of training and the role of the trainer

  • Delivering learner-centred learning that works for your delegates and your organisation
  • Laying the groundwork: what needs to happen beforeyou get in the room
  • Beginnings: ensuring that you and the delegates have positive expectations right from the start
  • Using structure to help your delegates build their knowledge and retain their learning
  • Choosing the right visual aids and using them to best effect
  • Dealing with difficult situations and challenging behaviour
  • Endings: ensuring the session finishes with a bang, not a whimper
  • Evaluation: the life-blood of effective training

Day 2 Essential skills for effective training – 19th June

  • Recap of learning from Day 1
  • Power and presence: using words, voice, posture and hand gestures to bring your training to life
  • Key training skills: questioning, listening, summarising and staying on track
  • Making training memorable through stories and anecdotes that stick
  • Ways to get delegates involved and keep them engaged and focused
  • Delivering effective feedback to delegates
  • Creating your development plan

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