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Appleby Heritage – a 5 years mission

29 August 2017

Appleby Heritage Action Zone has outlined its top 5 priorities for the next 5 years.

We will help restore a number of important buildings in the town. Appleby is home to a number of historically important buildings. The whole of the conservation area is ‘at risk’ due to flooding.

We will assist further resilience of the town following flooding by working to develop flood resilient homes.

We will work to bring more visitors to the town, and develop way of making their stay longer and better. This will be achieved by producing more promotional material, being more targeted to attract people who are interested in heritage and by improving the number of things to do for visitors.

We will work with the community to create more opportunities for everyone to enjoy their heritage by having open days, training, re-enactments and events.

We will produce varied interpretation materials to enhance the local distinctiveness of the area and its history.

This programme will run from 2017-2022.

If you live or work in Appleby and want to play your part in Appleby Heritage Action Zone, contact Adrian at ApplebyHAZ@eden.gov.uk, or call 01768 212385.