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Appleby’s new Butchery and Deli gets creative

29 July 2015

Jennie and Steve Allison, owners of ‘Low Howgill Traditional Meats’ are changing the shape of a landmark building in Appleby by relaunching what was once the HSBC Bank as a Butcher and Deli.

Stepping back from the creative work, Butcher Steve is leaving the design and project management to his wife Jennie and local Interior Designer Jane Sanderson.  As well as creating the look and feel for the new shop, they are very much in control of the project and managing the local tradesmen who are still on deadline for the shop to open later in August.

Low Howgill Butchery and Deli at 21 Boroughgate may be Steve and Jennie Allison’s first retail shop, but they are already well established at farmers markets selling traditional meat from the family farm and freshly baked pies made by Jennie.  Deciding to expand the business, the main street premises in Appleby was the perfect location, though it needed a complete transformation to turn it into a contemporary Butchery and Deli.

The couple were impressed with the work of local Interior Designer Jane Sanderson who co-incidentally, attended Appleby Grammar School at the same time as Jennie. After an initial meeting Jennie and Steve were keen to commission Jane for the Interior Design. Jennie said “We want to work with as many local suppliers as possible and Jane was our first port of call. It was pretty clear from the outset that she really understood what we were looking for. We’ve seen her work for the ‘Westmorland Group’ at Tebay and Gloucester Services and felt she could help us develop a modern take on a traditional butchery service.”

Jane has been very involved since the start of the project, sharing ideas and ‘Pinterest’ mood boards with the Allison’s. Very early on Steve and Jennie decided that also appointing Jane as Project Manager would keep work on track, which so far, has proved to be a good decision.

Jennie and Jane have taken inspiration from independent butchers in the south of England, looking to maintain the heritage of the building and the traditional farming ethos, but blended in a minimalist and elegantly modern look that will be fresh but not out of place in a northern rural town.

Jane Sanderson said “We’re creating a simple, understated look that marries traditional farming roots with their modern approach to butchery. Quality and provenance of the product is important and the shop will certainly have an earthy, natural feel that’s very welcoming. Steve and Jennie pride themselves on great customer service so we want people to feel very comfortable when they walk in. They’ve also got a great sense of humour - with product names like the Howgill Hothead, so we want to incorporate a few quirky elements too.”

Commenting on progress Jennie Allison said “Having Jane as interior designer and project manager has real benefits, for one she knows the impact of design decisions on the process and for another, she lives locally and knows many of the contractors. Occasionally it’s not been possible to get local supplies in our timescale, but we are still on target for an eight week turnaround.”

“For new customers, the first impression will be made as soon as they walk through the door – so we want it to be memorable.  Hopefully we can attract people to shop more in the town, which can only be a good thing for Appleby.” 

 Anyone wanting to find out more about the shop or range of products on offer can contact Jennie on 07761 794292 or Steve on 07799 668833 or email steve@low-howgill.co.uk