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Businesses to access £40m broadband fund

02 July 2015

Businesses are to be given access to a £40m fund which gives firms £3,000 vouchers to spend on superfast broadband connections

Carlisle businesses are to be given access to a £40m fund which gives firms £3,000 vouchers to spend on superfast broadband connections.

Carlisle has been awarded a ‘Super-Connected City status’ by the Government which gives access to the fund and its broadband vouchers.

Only SMEs can apply, but the project will allow businesses in Penrith and areas of Copeland and Allerdale to apply for the funding.

Full details will be announced next week along with a map of eligible areas and list of approved broadband suppliers.

The money is part of a national fund and there are 50 other cities where SMEs can apply for the money on a first come first served basis.
City council leader Colin Glover welcomed news that Carlisle has been added to the scheme as another boost to its growing digital economy.

“This is another positive step for Carlisle. We have had the city wifi and the county council’s Connecting Cumbria project is coming to its final stages and has improved superfast broadband access.

“This will be help put Carlisle on the map and further help growth and creation of jobs in the city.”

Cumbrian broadband provider Solway Communications is hoping that Cumbrian firms will respond to the opportunity.

Engineering director Antony Cross said: “We have to congratulate Carlisle City Council on the perspicacity and energy with which they have responded to the calls from Solway and others of the city’s IT community to secure this big boost for North Cumbria’s economy.”

Nick Kittoe, managing director added: “Remember, the grants are allocated on a first come, first served basis. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

"So the city’s companies should act fast with a provider who, like us, can install qualifying broadband.”

 Full details of Cumbrian eligibility for the scheme including maps and a list of suppliers will be available from next week.

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