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New nutrition and fitness business in Penrith

27 March 2015

Cumbria Crack:

CARLISLE United captain Danny Grainger has teamed up with a businessman and a personal trainer to start a new venture in Penrith. Danny, aged 28, is already looking beyond his football career having kick-started Edge Nutrition and Fitness

Danny, aged 28, is already looking beyond his football career having kick-started Edge Nutrition and Fitness in his home town.

The store opened yesterday (THURS) in a unit at Penrith’s Friargate. And it provides a vast range of supplements for people of all ages to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Danny joined boyhood favourites United last summer after a successful career north of the border. The left-sided defender’s previous clubs include Hearts – with whom he won the Scottish Cup and played in the Europa League – Dundee United and St. Johnstone. He was also a member of the Gretna squad as they made a fairytale rise through the Scottish professional leagues before booking their place in the top division alongside Celtic and Rangers.

However, a dream move to Carlisle United last year has allowed him to settle in his native Eden Valley with his family.

And away from the Brunton Park club’s trials and tribulations in League 2 this season, Danny has set his sights on expanding his range of skills by moving into the world of business.

He has joined forces with Penrith-based businessman Andrew Bateman to launch Edge Nutrition and Fitness. Andrew runs Penrith’s Wolfe pub, in Little Dockray, and the Ambleside Tavern,

Ambleside, in the heart of the Lake District. And like his new business partner he has long been interested in sport as a keen amateur rugby player and cricketer.

“I have known Danny for years. I just got talking to him in a gym one day and asked him if he was interested in working together,” said Andrew. “Supplements is a big up and coming industry, and people are becoming more interested in health and fitness.”

His thoughts rang true with Danny, who has used nutritional supplements throughout his football career. At Carlisle United, for example, he and other squad members benefit from them every day before and after training sessions as they seek to maximise performance and boost recovery rates.

“I thought I needed to look at things for further down the line,” said Danny. “I have thought about coaching and will still do my coaching badges but I am very interested in the new business.

“It is something I cannot wait to get started with. We use a lot of the products we stock at Carlisle United, and it is even better for me because I will be able to get more knowledge about them.

“Myself and Andrew bounce off each other, with my sports background and his business experience.

“I have got a lot of contacts and friends in football so I like to think I will be getting a few phone calls off them now that we are open for business. Although it is not just about football, it is for all sports – we are targeting everybody who wants to get into shape and look after themselves.”

The duo have appointed qualified personal trainer Alex Galloway as floor manager at Edge Nutrition and Fitness. Alex, aged 25, hails from Alston, is a former student at Samuel King’s School in his home town and now lives in Penrith.

“We are hoping that the partnership works really well,” said Danny.

Andrew added: “We offer something for everybody whatever sport or fitness they do.”

Edge Nutrition and Fitness stocks a huge range and flavours of pre- and post-workout supplements, recovery shakes, protein bars, creatines and glutamines, the latter providing energy and endurance.

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