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New Supply Chain Opportunity Club is launched

26 October 2018

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce is launching the Supply Chain Opportunity Club, an exciting new initiative opening doors to future business opportunities for Cumbrian businesses.

It will help them build relationships with potential buyers, collaborate successfully and win more contracts.

It is aimed at businesses throughout the county, whatever their sector or size, that are doing business with other businesses or seeking to.

The initiative has come out of research undertaken as part of the chamber’s Supply Chain Gateway.

This research shows that many SMEs struggle to find out what opportunities are available, and when they do find out it’s often too late for them to do the preparation needed to put them in the best position to win.

Alongside this some of the larger businesses are disappointed by the small numbers of local businesses responding to their tender opportunities.

It’s also clear that there’s lots of innovation within SMEs that they and larger businesses could be benefiting from.

Rob Johnston, chief executive of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, says:
“We’re committed to helping Cumbrian businesses get the very best advice and support to enable them to grow and be successful.

"This very exciting initiative builds on the great trailblazing work the chamber team has done on the Supply Chain Gateway.

“We know that SMEs throughout the county are missing out on local contracts worth many millions of pounds.

“This new club is about enabling those businesses to get sight of future contracts and making sure they have the right support to take advantage of those opportunities.
“A key part of the offer is events, but this is only part of the offer.

As with all of our initiatives there’s an exciting mix of on and offline activities.”

Club benefits include:

  • Personal invitations to attend sector specific supply chain opportunities
  • Networking events for businesses of all sizes, focused on access to contract opportunities and building relationships for the future
  • Exclusive access to knowledge about the specific opportunities from Cumbrian-based businesses
  • Access to a platform for collaboration and diversification
  • Member-only access to podcasts, webinars and discussion forums with companies looking to procure and key business leaders, and enabling sharing with each other
  • Monthly e-news updates on business opportunities and business support
  • A dedicated business directory listing where you can promote your business offers to other club members
  • Opportunities for to host open days

We’ll also link businesses into the range of advice, support and funding available through Cumbria Business Growth Hub and our wide range of partners to help them win more work and make the most of the opportunities.

Events will offer an opportunity to hear about the host business and their vision for the future, often with a tour, at the same time enabling current and potential suppliers to build relationships with the purchaser and each other.
Organisations will be able to share challenges and opportunities and start to work constructively together to unlock opportunities.

It’s not just about coming to the events. Club activities will be integrated into the chamber’s digital offer, making information, support, advice and networking (including podcasts, webinars and forums) available 24/7 through the range of digital devices.

Initial membership to the new club is free and we welcome applications from all businesses that are interested and passionate about doing more business together.

To register please email eva@cumbriachamber.co.uk

Eva Foran, supply chain development manager, says: “We know from talking to smaller businesses that some are deterred from tendering for work with large organisations because they think they won’t succeed.

“That’s not the case. In fact, many large businesses are particularly keen to engage local SME suppliers to meet their corporate social responsibility targets.

“Our new club will bring together businesses of all sizes, focusing on building new relationships, networking and access to contract opportunities.”

The club’s first event is being held in partnership with TSP Engineering on Wednesday November 28.

To find out more and to book, please contact Eva on 0845 2260040 or email eva@cumbriachamber.co.uk

John Coughlan, chief executive of TSP Engineering, says: “TSP are delighted to be a founder member of the Cumbria Chamber Supply Chain Opportunities Club.

"Being part of the chamber club allows us to give maximum exposure to local businesses of the range of opportunities we have coming up in the near future.”

“I believe this initiative will help Cumbria business do more business with each other and having direct access to growth hub advisers and funding makes this a tremendous resource for Cumbria.”

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