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Penrillian software is just the ticket

11 December 2015

An Eden software company has developed a new product which it says could revolutionise the way people buy tickets.

Penrillian, based in Penrith, has created new software that allows users to download tickets straight from their mobile phone to a smart card such as an Oyster card. 

The app, called Voyager, makes use of ‘near field communication capabilities’ built into mobile phones.

This means that users can purchase tickets using the app, then simply hold your smart card near to your mobile phone, transferring the tickets or top up money from the app to the card. 

It enables users to plan, purchase, download and top up tickets and passes for public transport directly to a smartcard via their mobile device.

It is set to be officially launched in January 2016 and will be available to Android phone users. Cumbrians will be able to top up their NoWcards using the technology. 

Technology developed in the past by Penrillian is used by millions of people every day, from ticket apps to contactless payment solutions, and wireless dongles developed for major clients including Mastercard, EE, TUI and Vodafone. 

This latest technology development is intended to enable public transport operators to offer a customer the facility to buy tickets and passes, then instantly top up their ITSO (the national standard for smart ticketing) travel smartcard using their phone’s wireless capabilities. 

Joanne Thompson, Penrillian’s chief executive, explained: “In order to remain competitive, travel operators need to drive down the costs of installing and maintaining ticket machines, minimise their cash transaction volumes, reduce or eliminate queuing, and reduce their customer’s journey steps from purchase to use.

“Our Voyager app has been developed in order to meet these needs.

“The ITSO compliant app can provide seamless and real time transactional capability, combining journey planning, ticket purchase and ticket delivery direct to their smartcard via a customer’s own smartphone."

She continued: “As a modular and white label product, we have designed Voyager to be capable of rapid and low-cost, low-risk implementation for operators, with subsequent costs linked to transaction volumes.

“Smart tickets and contactless payment apps are becoming the norm, and are being adopted by a wide cross section of our population. Penrillian continues to carve out a niche in this area.” 

Penrillian has been working on the Voyager project for over a year, and is currently negotiating with transport providers to get them to buy into the app.

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