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Penrith firm’s ‘world-changing’ invention

19 August 2015

An innovative Cumbrian company has invented ‘world-changing’ technology that could prevent the drinking water crisis in Lancashire happening again.

Typhon Treatment Systems, based in Penrith, is developing an ultra-violet drinking water treatment system utilising the latest LED technology.

The LED technology would kill off microbial parasites, which caused over 300,000 homes in Lancashire to have to boil water before using it.

Over the past 12 months Typhon has been developing the patent-pending invention, which also uses 90 per cent less electricity compared to traditional ultra-violet water disinfection methods.

The company has been able to invest in this innovative water treatment solution thanks to a grant from the Innovus technology commercialisation programme.

Matt Simpson, managing director of Typhon Treatment Systems, said: “The current situation in Lancashire is due to traces of cryptosporidium being found in the drinking water supply.

“As a contingency, United Utilities have recommended that consumers in affected areas of Lancashire boil water prior to consumption.

“Our innovative technology utilises ultra-violet emitting LEDs to treat the water, making it safe to drink by killing the cryptosporidium parasite, without the need for boiling.”

“Ultra violet disinfection is a versatile and robust water treatment process, but the current technology on the market utilises mercury vapour lamps which are extremely costly to maintain and operate and as a consequence, the adoption of this technology has been limited.

“The water industry is crying out for a reliable, lower cost ultra-violet technology which provides the required treatment level.”

Innovus, run by NNL and The University of Manchester, invests in Cumbrian SMEs that have inventions and innovations that solve industry challenges.

Adrian Davis-Johnston, Innovus programme director said: “It is phenomenal that a small Cumbrian business is leading the market in developing technologies that can prevent events such as the current situation in Lancashire, this has been made possible thanks to Innovus funding sourced from the Regional Growth Fund.

“The unique and cost effective solution Typhon have come up with is a technology that has the potential to be the core standard for water treatment worldwide.

“A true innovation with the potential to change the world, developed here in Cumbria.”