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Superfast Broadband in Cumbria

15 May 2015

Roll out of fibre broadband is now in full swing across Cumbria. The county council led Connecting Cumbria project to build a fibre network around the county is ahead of schedule. The current phase of the multi-million pound project will run until the end of December 2015 by which time 93 per cent of homes and businesses are expected to have access to order superfast fibre broadband.

Thanks to Connecting Cumbria, more than 79,000 business and home premises can now benefit from the superfast technology since the first connections were made in October 2013.

However, having superfast broadband in your area doesn’t mean you are automatically connected to it, and many are missing out by not calling their service provider to upgrade.

Find out if you can access superfast broadband in 3 easy steps…

1) Check your area has been enabled by using the online postcode checker at www.connectingcumbria.org.uk/when-and-where. This will tell you the status of progress on the cabinet that you are connected to.

If it isn’t available to you yet, you can register your interest at www.connectingcumbria.org.uk/when-and-where/register and Connecting Cumbria will let you know when it has become live via email. You will also find updates on Twitter @Connect_Cumbria.

2) Contact your chosen Internet Service Provider to order (ISP)
Lots of internet service providers offer fibre broadband for the home and for business. Please be aware not all providers are offering the service just yet. Use a price comparison site to check out the deals they have available and choose one that best suits your needs. The best option for you might not necessarily be the cheapest, but it could be a lot cheaper than you think!

If you’ve got a query that your Internet Service Provider can’t resolve, email Connecting Cumbria at info@connectingcumbria.com for local independent advice.

3) Enjoy the benefits of fibre broadband in your home or business

Many people do not fully understand the potential benefits that internet access via broadband delivers. There is a fear of using something new, a reluctance to incur an additional cost for “a service I don’t need” as well as a lack of skills and expertise in the use of information technology generally.

There are many workshops that can help you brush up your IT skills. People who had taken part in IT skills training later in life described getting a substantial confidence boost as a result. Using internet communication tools, such as video conferencing, sharing photographs, email and social media can greatly reduce social isolation. It can also help with hobbies and interests, financial savings, job search, health and support at home.

Digital Inclusion Programme – supporting communities to benefit from Superfast Broadband

Cumbria County Council is supporting a new programme to encourage more internet use, upskilling and awareness.

The financial benefits of using the internet can range from around £1000 per year for a new user to £3500 for an advanced user who is able to access the best deals and offers online or learn a whole new skill via a free online course.

For business, superfast delivers access to new technology and solutions that can help a business reduce costs, deliver better service and offer new opportunities. Big Cumbria can offer help and advice. Find out more at www.bigcumbria.co.uk.

Connecting Cumbria is running Digital Inclusion events across Cumbria, details of which will be posted on Cumbria Crack Community events site, so watch out for one in your area.

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