Eden, Cumbria, The Lake District – A natural choice for business

Employment Sites

Employment sites are identified by Eden District Council as part of the process of producing a new local plan. The local plan is currently in draft form and proposes the following sites in Eden.


Penrith also remains a focus for employment growth, given its excellent transport connections and high quality of life. We have identified two employment sites which will provide suitable land to at least satisfy potential requirements coming forward during the plan period. In addition to land at Skirsgill south of the A66 an extension to the existing Gilwilly Industrial Estate is proposed. The plan does not currently allocate Eden Business Park given the issues surrounding viability and deliverability, particularly in respect of the delivery of a new access road to Junction 41 of the M6. It is important to note, however, that the Eden Business Park  remains a long-term strategic objective of Eden District Council, and whilst development of this site is not currently viable, the Council will continue to explore options which may help unlock development and provide jobs at this site in the long-term. Similarly, the Council is supportive of long term growth at Newton Rigg College and will work with the college to explore and deliver new employment in the area.


An additional 2.14 hectares of employment land is allocated at the Skelgillside workshops and the Bonds Factory. Land is also allocated for mixed use redevelopment at High Mill.


An additional 4.54 hectares of employment land is allocated at Cross Croft Industrial Estate, The Old Creamery and redevelopment at Shire Hall.


An additional 1.5 hectares of employment land is allocated on Brough Main Street.

Kirkby Stephen

An additional 5.5 hectares of employment land is allocated at Kirkby Stephen Business Park.


An additional 1.42 hectares of employement land is allocated at Old Tebay Depot.