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Professional Services
Professional Services

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Success stories throughout Eden, Cumbria

Professional Services in the form of advertising, accountancy, architecture, legal services and management consultancy have been predicted by Experian as an area of economic growth in Eden. This supports the view that the vibrant nature of the opportunities in this sector are driven by a rise in economic activity particularly construction, food and drink and tourism based businesses.

Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers Dodd and Co have seen year on year growth in their 34 years in Penrith. They are extremely proud to be Cumbrian and regularly promote Penrith & Eden as a great place to live and work in their recruitment campaigns. Dodd & Co organise a 'professional services networking group' through Penrith Chamber of Trade and Commerce which is steadily expanding into a wide range of sectors.   

As a further example of growth Burnetts Solicitors have recently opened new offices in Penrith. They run an annual events’ programme to help business owners and managers improve productivity and to deal with difficult working relationships.

Penrith-based 2030 architects weave a forward thinking eco-friendly philosophy into all their designs. They deliver designs that are in keeping with three core values, the heritage of the site, the environment and the needs of the client. These three values are the staple of Eden’s Professional Service sector.

Eden is home to many long standing businesses which have been in the area a long time. Penrith Building Society established in 1877 is Britain's smallest building society. The Society benefits from understanding local businesses and are therefore able to respond quickly and help a lot of small businesses and self-employed customers with their unique needs.

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Eden is a great place to inspire and motivate you to achieve your maximum potential in life. Stuart Lancaster, Former Head Coach for the England Rugby Football Union
Stuart Lancaster

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